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  Can China defeat America in a war?




  Steve Collins studied at Lowell High School

  Answered Jul 21

  Sure if America was stupid enough to try and invade China.



  They might just barely be able to Fight the US to a draw。。should hostilities resume in North Korea (presuming China joinedthe war on the NK side again this is by no means a foregoneconclusion that they would) or if the dispute over whether Taiwanwas an independent country or part of China turned into a shootingwar.



  If the fight took place anywhere else however China wouldloose and it wouldn’t even be close



  Bruce McKinney works at Self-Employment

  Answered Jul 21


  Nuclear war. Both lose but China loses more.



  Naval war. US wins. But for what?



  US invades China. US wins every battle but loses the war. SeeVietnam.



  China invades US. China loses the naval war (see 2) beforethey ever get to US.



  Imperial war over foreign territory. US wins if it’s ashooting war. China wins if it’s non-shooting.



  Trade war. Not looking good long term for the US especiallywith current president.



  Cultural war. Not looking good long term for the US especiallywith current president.



  Financial war. Both lose but US loses more.



  And so on.


  Andrew Bywaters I'm a pastor with a philosophy degree

  Answered Thu

  It depends on what they are fighting about. If the US wasdetermined at any cost to stop China’s current military build up inthe South China Sea or force them off the Diaoyu Islands or preventan invasion of Taiwan or set up shop and occupy North Korea…wellthere really isn’t much China can do about it except initiate asuicidal nuclear war. Any kind of war that’s actually conceivablebetween these two countries in the next 15–20 years ends very verybadly for China.



  If the US were insane enough to try to force regime changethrough an Iraq-war style invasion, it is inconceivable (and yes Iknow what that word means) that America could defeat China’s armydepose of the leadership of the PRC install its own people inBeijing and pacify the country. If those are the victory conditionsthen yes China can defeat America in a war.



  Dan Pedersen former Engineer Program Manager BusinessArchitect at Boeing (1983-2008)

  upxed Aug 2

  Have you ever watched two grizzly bears fight. The fightcontinues until one grizzly gets tired and withdrawls. Neither bearis actually defeated because it is too much work and provideslittle benefit.



  David Reyes

  upxed Jul 23

  Look up the term “pyrrhic” victory… I'll wait while you dothat.

  查一下什么叫“皮洛士式成功”.....  等你们。


  Okay now a war between China and the USA would end up in apyrrhic victory for both sides… and for the record a pyrrhicvictory is one in which the winning army loses most of its armydefeating its opposition. And as a result of This it would lose thenext battle and the war.

  中国和美国之间的战争对双方来说都是一场皮洛士式成功。据记录,皮洛士式成功是指在战争中,赢的一方军队损失惨重, 由此,它可能输掉下一场战斗、战争。


  The USA technologies outclasses China but China can field anarmy 3 or 4 times larger than all of our troops put together! Who’dwin this war? Neither China or The USA… BOTH countries would windup looking like Berlin at the end of WW2: A decimated country. Andboth sides know this so A war is not going to happen- Ever.



  Mohd Asif LL.B from Uttaranchal University

  Answered Jul 21

  Alone china cant defeat US however both nation will bedestroyed by each other but china will suffer more.



  But if there's a war between China & US and both aresupported by different nations then obviously US will lose thereason is because China has a strong supporter like Russia N koreapakistan whereas US has enemy more than its allies and US can besupported by India Israel UK france whereas some of the enemynation of US from Arab will directly or indirectly support againstUS and they have a more wealth to expand in a war.




  Chan Channz studied at National Taiwan University

  Answered Jul 31

  If war around China’s border yes.

  如果是在中国的周边打仗的话 那中国就可以赢.

  Else no US win definitely.

  否则的话中国就赢不了 一定是美国赢.


  (Our various skyeye/radar/laser/wave systems combined makestealth technology dull and can shoot satellites up to 30000 kmrange with many success for about a decade and just practised DN2recently. )

  ( 我们可以结合各种武器系统 诸如 天眼/雷达/激光/什么波? 来削弱对方隐身技术的作用我们在最近的十年里可以成功的把最高3万公里的上空的卫星打下来 而且最近DN2反卫星导弹就在试验中成功了一次 )


  If go nuclear probably everything reset.

  如果到了核战的地步 那一切都要重启了.

  China have been digging for many decades over 4000km inlength. Now at bunker v.2 for underground cities and factoriesincluding submarines.

  中国在几十年里已经挖掘了长达4000公里的地下设施. 如今在这些升级的地堡里有城市和工厂 还有潜艇

  Our best labs and weapons are developing and storeddeeply.

  我们最好的实验室都是在地下深处进行研究 最好的武器也都保存在地下.


  James Hutchinson Business Consultant

  Answered Jul 31

  These sort of questions are all over the internet why?



  Let me spell out the obvious any war between powers like Chinaand America will almost certainly go nuclear and when that happenswe will reset to the stone age.



  Once we developed nukes it was our que to start on eliminatingwar no one wins a war now not even greedy arms companies.



  The question we all need to be asking is how can we preventwar and focus our resources on something more useful than militaryspending.



  Think of it this way your life sucks because we waste hugeamounts of money on the military if we could all be adults andnegotiate international disputes then we could massively cutmilitary spending and redirect that money to raising the standardof living for everyone making war much less likely.



  Dan Gall worked at Canadian Armed Forces (1972-1997)

  Answered Jul 21

  Neither could really win. China simply does not have the NavalStrength to defeat the US Navy and attack the United States.Likewise the US would not be able to support a landing in mainlandChina. It would be a stalemate using conventional weapons and if itprogressed to nuclear weapons then that would simply be the end ofcivilization as we know it and possibly the end of all life onearth.



  Yf Yao

  Answered 3h ago

  US is the most powerful country on the earth there’s no reasonfor Chinese to be first one to pull the trigger unless the USstarted a war or helped Taiwan to get independency.



  Even though Chinese-US casualty ratio was 7:1 US didn’t win inKorea peninsula when China just finished civil war and wasextremely poor and undeveloped that couldn’t even make mortar.



  US government spent $757.8 billion on Iraqi war totaled over$1.1 trillion (from wiki). How much US wanna pay for a war withChina?



  Both sides don’t like this price.



  Dennis Cybulski former Life and Health Agent (Never Lost aClient)) (1969-1995)

  Answered Jul 21

  There would be a lot of factor involved in such a conflict andquite honestly depending on venue logistics and nuclear use or notthe variables are impossible to predict The Planning and Tacticspeople in the Pentagon have a full time job trying to determine howsuch a conflict would go where it would happen and what would bethe possible outcomes. Way over my pay grade.

  这样的战争会涉及很多因素 老实说 这取决于战地后勤和是否使用核武器都是无法预计的变数. 五角大楼里有人专门负责制定计划和战术来做出决定 这样的战争如何进行 在哪里进行 并预估战争有可能的结果. 这样的工作高于我的薪资水准.


  Robbie Jena Industrial Ecosystems and Strategy Architect

  Answered Jul 21

  Can China defeat America in a war?

  War to destroy their best customer…that is suicide…


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